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new job

at easter the rudiger’s will be moving on from filey, going back down south.

we will have had a little under two years in filey on the north yorkshire coast. we have loved living here and will miss being by the sea, but the time is right for a change.

simon will be starting a new job in february working for the united reformed church in their thames north synod. the job has a regional focus across east berks, south bucks, beds, herts, a bit of essex and all of london north of the thames.

we don’t know where we’ll be living yet, when we know we’ll let you know!

we won’t bore you with the details here, if you want to know more do get in touch.

wrapping paper

wrapping paper (hands)

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filey in winter


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put a smile into your holiday!


muston scarecrows

the village near us holds an annual scarecrow festival. there’s no theme, the village residents create a topical, fun or bizarre scarecrow and display it for all.

here are some of our favourites:



my favourite:


walk to hunmanby gap

on saturday we took the in-laws for a walk to hunmanby gap. the instructions are to head south on filey beach until we see a gap in the cliff with a cafe. we didn’t realise how far it was and ended up walking over 6 miles. we were out from just after 10 in the morning and got back about 4.

the cafe was no grand affair but had amazing views of the beach.

IMG_0716 IMG_0717

on the way back abi tried out a new seaweed hair-do.


a day in york

spent the day in york yesterday. took a bus from the park and ride and found a quick cappuccino. we then visited the york art gllery which had an exhibition of the art of st. ives. i didn’t realise how long the art scene had been in st. ives (from the late 1880s), i thought it was a recent thing. shows you how much i know about art!

what i liked about the york art gallery, apart from being free to get in, was the interactive elements that children could participate in were throughout the galleries, not stuck away in a room where you can’t see or hear them.


we then took a boat ride. there’s not much to see of york from a boat. not worth an hour and not worth £20.


after some lunch came the highlight of our trip. we saw the wiggles live at the grand opera house. if you haven’t heard of them, the wiggles are australia’s biggest entertainment export, bigger then kylie!